Johann Fritz, Graz 1854

Rare and hard to find Viennese Fortepiano made by Johann Fritz around 1854 in original condition.
The case is made in burl wood, curved legs with beautiful delicate wooden applications and ivory keyboard. The compass is 6 octaves + sixth, CC - a4, viennese action, hammers are covered with the original leather in very good condition. This fortepiano has two metal bars in the inside, no metal frame!
There is one small crack in the wrestplank; original tuning pins, bridge and soundboard in excellent condition, partly original strings.
The nameboard is decorated with brass inlays and mother-of-pearl. Two pedals controlling dampers and due corde.
This unique instrument is in original condition!

The lyra was not assembled for taking the photos.

Dimensions: length: 200 cm, width: 136 cm
Compass: 6 octaves plus sixth, CC - a4 viennese action.