- You are looking for keyboard instruments, which originate from the time between 1750 and 1850?
- You are looking for keyboard instruments, from which you can show and experience the music of the old masters original-faithfully?

Then you are like many musicians. Not only since arising historical performance practice, the desire of pianists on original instruments of the time at that time exists to play.
If you were once enticed to play on a historical instrument or hear their sounds, then you want to play no more on copies of historical instruments, since the sound of original instruments is not to be compared with copies from today's time. The today's instruments can copy the building method, but can be never made a replication nevertheless the sound of old and original materials by a modern instrument, so that no perfect and original-faithful original sound is made possible for the musician. Because of the high age of these instruments they are however also much rare.

Our instruments are usually in an original state and unrestored. They were hardly revised in the course of the time and thus historical certifications. Thus these original instruments offer the joy in playing do not only separate are also valuable plant objects.

On the following lower surfaces you find instruments, which to the sales. Use also the instruments already sold as an opportunity to address us if you search somewhat that you cannot find in our offer.
If we should not have an instrument interesting for you still in our camp, then we can find your desire object completely safe for them.
Write us down, in the menu option "contact" find you different possibilities, us to respond.